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  • King Reynold

    Reynold was raised to be the ruler of Kraite at a very young age and grew up knowing people expected great things from him. Currently he seems to be living up to those expectations as he rules over Kraite as a fair and just king.

  • King Grot

    Grot Rules over Kos with an iron fist. He by himself killed the former King and the royal family and took control of Kos with his sheer might. After he took over he put his own men in power.

  • King Ericson

    King Ericson rules over Amnathal. He is an ambitious ruler and has turned Amnathal into a rich and prosperous country despite it being one of the smallest countries on Korson.

  • King Thorin

    King Thorin looks down on the other Kingdoms. He himself has admitted to wanting to rule over all of Korson. Thorin is hard pressed to trust anyone unless he has something to gain from them.

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